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This dolly was made on resolute demand of my daughter: Mommy, make me an angel...

Angelica is a small angel with fiery red hair and a little bit of the devil under her skin (just like my daughter).
Angelic wings can be detached if they were too much trouble during the playtime.

This dolly is sewn from cotton trickot and stuffed with silicone fibre. It has about 60 cm in height (24 inches). The doll does not stand without support.
The doll's face is hand painted with acrylics. Her hair is made from mohair wool and embroidered on doll's head. It can be combed and styled in different hairstyles.

This Dollitka is dressed in linien robe, embellished with cotton lace and knitted dress.  The clothes can be removed. She also has wings, that can be put on her back like a backpack.

From the start Angelica became one of favourite toys of my daughter, they even went to kindergarten together...


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