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About me

Hi My name is Agata and I am a dollmaker...

I guess I've always been a creative person. When I was seven my grandma taught me how to crochet. Then, watching my mum, I learned how to knit and sew. And I've always loved to draw...
But only few years back I combined it all into doll making.

It all started as a way to keep a sick child in bed these few precious days longer after especially nasty flu...
But soon it became my favourite pastime, my passion and my creative outlet.

Not long after buying a simple pattern for my first dolls I started working on my own designs - which are still evolving...

About my dolls

Bodies of my dollies are sewn from cotton fabric and their elements are carefuly joined together by hand. Thye are stuffed with silicone fibre, which makes them safe for small allergics and, at the same time, warm, soft and great for hugging.

Creating every doll is a long and laborious process. They all receive the same heart and attention. It is not a mass product - every doll is different, unique and has its own character.

The final price largely depends on the size of the doll, its minuteness, type of hair and technique in which it was made, as well as the amount of clothing. Although "sewing" of hair is the most tedious stage in creating a doll, it is what, together with painted face, gives the doll its ultimate character.

Taking care of your cloth doll

Slightly soiled doll can be wiped with a well-wrung cloth soaked in warm water with a mild soap. After removal of the stain material should be wiped again with a clean, damp cloth and the doll put aside to dry.  

In case of more difficult or extensive stains the doll can be hand-washed in warm water by rubbing with a cloth, as in the case of lighter dirtiness. For some types of hair (especially mohair) it is advisable to secure it beforehand - gather hair in a ponytail or even cover up with a plastic bag. Wrap wet doll in a large towel, gently squeeze and put to dry. Do not dry on a radiator or in the dryer. Drying may take up to two-three days.

Long hair can be washed in warm, soapy water with delicate detergent for washing wool. Pay attention to the temperature of the water and do not rub too hard, because the wool hair can abrade or felt. Artificial hair (kanekalon) can be cleaned with diluted shampoo.  

Any possible tears or holes in the fabric should be sewn as soon as possible. Using needle and thread you should catch the edges of the hole and sew. Place of the hole / tear can also be strengthen by sewing  or gluing (adhesive fabric) on it canvas patches.

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